Goldenfields Water County Council

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Agency Information Guide

Goldenfields Water is required to maintain an agency information guide that:

  • Describes the structure and functions of Goldenfields Water.
  • Describes the ways in which our functions affect members of the public.
  • Specifies arrangements that exist to enable members of the public to participate in the formulation of Goldenfields Water’s policies and the exercise of our functions.
  • Identifies the various kinds of information held by Goldenfields Water.
  • Identifies the kinds of information Goldenfields Water makes, or will make, publicly available.
  • Identifies the kinds of information that are, or will be, made publicly available free of charge and those kinds of information for which a charge is, or will be, imposed.

Download the publication guide below:

FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (Agency Information Guide _2012_.pdf)Agency Information Guide _2012_.pdfAgency Information Guide97 Kb
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