Goldenfields Water County Council

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Annual Report

Please find below a link to our current Annual Report.

FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (GoldenfieldsAR2015_16_FINAL (002).pdf)GWCC Annual Report 2015/16GWCC Annual Report 2015/165009 Kb
Download this file (GWCC Annual Report 2015.pdf)GWCC Annual Report 2014/15GWCC Annual Report 2014/15612 Kb
Download this file (Goldenfields Water County Council - Financial Statements - 2014-15.pdf)Schedule A - Financial Statements 2014/15Schedule A - Financial Statements 2014/157543 Kb
Download this file (GWCC Annual Report 2014.pdf)GWCC Annual Report 2014GWCC Annual Report 20141693 Kb
Download this file (Financial Statements 2013-14.pdf)Schedule A - Financial Statements 2013/14Schedule A - Financial Statements 2013/147017 Kb
Download this file (GWCC Annual Report 2013.pdf)GWCC Annual Report 2013GWCC Annual Report 20131295 Kb
Download this file (Annual Financial Statements YE 1213.pdf)Schedule A - Financial Statements 2012/13Schedule A - Financial Statements 2012/138373 Kb
Download this file (Annual Report_2012.pdf)GWCC Annual Report 2012GWCC Annual Report 20122457 Kb
Download this file (Annual Financial Statements_1112.pdf)Schedule A - Financial Statements 2011/12Schedule A - Financial Statements 2011/124557 Kb
Download this file (Annual_Report_2011_kgt_2.pdf)GWCC Annual Report 2011GWCC Annual Report 20112512 Kb
Download this file (Schedule_A - Financial_Statements_2010_11.pdf)Schedule A - Financial Statements 2010/11Schedule A - Financial Statements 2010/115567 Kb
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