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Home Cowangs to Bauloora Pipeline Replacement Project

Cowangs To Bauloora Pipeline Replacement Project

The Project

The Cowangs Reservoirs to Bauloora Reservoirs Pipeline Replacement Project is a major construction project replacing pipeline that was initially installed in the 1930’s to supply water westwards from the Murrumbidgee River to Harden, Young, Cootamundra, Temora, Ardlethan and West Wyalong.

The $16 million project is supported by a $7.5 million grant funded under the Australian Government’s Water for the Future initiative through the Strengthening Basin Communities program.

Goldenfields Water County Council has engaged GHD Pty Ltd to undertake the design, investigations required for statutory and environmental approvals and construction management of the project.

Following a rigorous selection process, successful tenderer Leed Engineering and Construction Pty Ltd will install the replacement pipeline with on-site supervision being provided by GWCC.

The project will commence at the Cowangs Reservoirs with replacement of the inlet and outlet interconnection pipework and valves. The pipeline is approximately 29 kms in length comprising of 600, 450 and 375 mm diameter ductile iron cement lined (DICL) pipe plus the necessary valves to release air at the high points, isolate sections of pipeline and release scour waters at low point along the pipeline.

The pipeline  will be installed close to the existing cleared areas and easements as possible and peripheral to Cootamundra to avoid streets with significant traffic.

The pipeline route (refer to Figure 1 - Site Location)  has been finalised after consideration of technical, social, financial and environment factors.

Please find below links to the public information related to our Cowangs to Bauloora Pipeline Replacement Project:


Information Sheet

Fact Sheet - Pre Construction 1.29MB
Cootamundra and Route Map  818KB
FAQ's  1.06MB

Review Of Environmental Factors

Review of Environmental Factors (REF) Cowangs Reservoirs to Bauloora Reservoirs Pipeline REF.pdf 14.39MB

Ecological Impact Assessment

Ecological Impact Assessment Ecological Impact Assessment.pdf 8.56MB
Ecological Impact Assessment with Maps Ecological Impact Assessment with Maps.pdf 18.56MB

Appendices and Figures

Appendix A Ecological Impact Assessment Appendix A_Ecological Impact Assessment.pdf 13.48MB
Appendix B Cultural Heritage Impact Assessment Appendix B_Cultural heritage impact assessment.pdf 4.66MB
Appendix C Noise & Vibration Impact Assessment Appendix C_Noise & vibration impact assessment.pdf 3.62MB
Appendix D Consultation Responses Appendix D_Consultation Responses.pdf 390KB

Figure 1 - Site Location Figure 1 Site Location.pdf 537KB
Figure 2 - Vegetation Types Figure 2 Vegetation Types.pdf 2.6MB
Figure 3 - Vegetation Condition Figure 3 Vegetation Condition.pdf 3.33MB
Figure 4 - Fauna Survey and Results Figure 4 Fauna survey and results-1.pdf 3.7MB
Figure 5 - Land Tenure Figure 5 Land Tenure.pdf 275KB

Construction Update




For further information you can contact us on our Project Information Line  (02) 9962 9167


email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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